By Your Side.

Today  Tonight’s song is ‘By Your Side‘ by Sade covered by The 1975


You’re so much better than you know
When you’re lost and you’re alone
And you can’t get back again
I will find you darling

 And I will bring you home
And if you want to cry
I am here to dry your eyes
And in no time, you’ll be fine.

The band from Manchester released this cover in order to raise funds for War Child, a charity that provides aid to children living in war-torn countries. If you want to know more about the charity, just click here.

Listen the song and donate for a good cause.


Rasmus Hansen -BIMM London; Live and Lyrical

Hello, it’s time for another review  written by Maria Galea. Hope you enjoy! 

229 The Venue is ths year’s host to BIMM London’s first Live and Lyrical for this scholastic year. The show features students from different performance courses performing their own originals.

One of the act is Danish singer-songwriter Rasmus Hansen, who is reading a Songwriting Diploma. He is performing his original song, Am I Living This Right.

The song is a guitar-led pop track with vibes of soul and funk. Hansen’s vocals are clean and they cut through nicely. There is a simplistic melody yet his vocal technique dresses it up in the best way possible, as he shows off his flawless transitions into falsetto for the refrain, adding to the song’s emotion.

The singer-songwriter is joined on stage by a full band set up, which gave the song a full sound and was received incredibly well by the audience. Hansen said that he wrote this song five years ago when he was studying a similar course in his home country. The track discusses doubt, which coincides how he felt at the time about being a creative musician since it was all new to him.

Speaking to him after the performance, the budding songwriter said whilst he knows he wants to continue on the pop/funk style, he hasn’t quite figured out completely in which direction he wants to go. He admits he enjoys a good pop song and is in tune with catchy pop melodies.

He’s grateful for the opportunity BIMM has given him, to perform in front of fellow students and other music lovers in an intimate environment. Even in the first term of college, the songwriting course is already inspiring him with new ideas. He says that his newfound techniques are reflected in his recent lyric work.

Whilst commanding him for being brave to perform his first ever song, there is no doubt that he has already set the bar high for himself. With just one song, Rasmus Hansen captured an entire room who listened intently for its duration, as it spoke emotion and truth that cut straight to the listener’s heart. 


Rationale @Heaven 25.01.17

Today’s post is not going to be written by me but by Maria Galea, a lovely girl who’s helping me with this project.

Amid the hustle and bustle of Charing Cross, people are gathering at London’s Heaven ahead of tonight show. The sold out crowd has come to watch singer Rationale’s biggest headline show yet. He will perform the finale to his headline tour, before going back on the road with British band, Bastille. Numerous people in attendance discovered the Zimbabwe-born singer after serving as Support Act throughout Bastille’s tour – one which also included a two-night stay at the O2 Arena. Since then he released three singles, including his most commercial-sounding one to date, Reciprocate.

Re.Up blasts through the speakers. It’s the perfect first song choice as it gives the night an incredible, strong start. Much like his other songs, this has African-inspired undertones. Immediately, Rationale shows his strong stage presence and charisma – a charm which has enchanted thousands of people who started to following his career. At one point he asks the crowd to put up their phones in the air during Deliverance and to no surprise, the one thousand-strong crowd responds perfectly.

He plays up to the crowd wonderfully, smiling, showing emotion to his songs, never breaking feels even during instrumental pieces – a common occurrence in his songs, especially in Fast Lane. This is one of the crowd favourites, as well as Palms, Prodigal Son and Something For Nothing. The latter feels even fuller live than any of the other records.

However, Rationale is not only gifted in performing and songwriting (which he has also done for other artists such as Rag ‘n’ Bone Man), he is also an incredibly talented vocalist. His baritone range, flawless transitions and controlled vibrato give him a voice which is hard to forget. In fact, his talent has not gone unnoticed from musicians like Pharrell Williams and even Elton John, whom both have admitted to being fans and spoke highly of the rising star.

He is trying out some new music, including an incredibly emotional ballad, Living On The Line, from his upcoming album.The song is performed only to a piano as opposed to his usual synth-pop music. He also premiers Black Hole, a song which almost has a Motown rhythm in its melody and Gospel-inspired backing vocals.

Rationale soon gets the ball rolling again suggesting to the audience “Shall we dance some more?” before the asserting and sensual Vessels comes on.

His music is curated to be danced to, as he does so on stage. The final song is his best of his career so far. Fuel To The Fire is not only about the refusal to being submissive to injustice, but it invokes adrenaline in its space and strong beats. It demands attention just like he does from this ever-changing industry. It creates the most incredible atmosphere.

Throughout, the crowd sang out loud every lyric. The experience is a huge upgrade to when he was supporting Bastille at the O2 Arena, one which highlights a promising future for Rationale. After the show, the crowd are buzzing and everyone is excited for his headlining show on April 27th – this time at the Electric Brixton.

Hope you guys liked this review…Go check Rationale’s music! 

See you next time 🙂